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Verifiable Credentials

Verifiable Credentials (VCs) are a W3C standard to express credentials on the internet.VCs can use DIDs as part of their metadata, but it is not necessary. Third parties request VCs from identity providers to verify the identity of individuals. Here is an example of a VC for a passport:

Example of passport info:
"@context": [
"type": [
"credentialSubject": {
"id": "did:example:123",
"type": [
"givenName": "JOHN",
"familyName": "SMITH",
"gender": "Male",
"image": "...kJggg==",
"birthPlace": "Bahamas",
"DOB": "1958-08-17",
"Number": "C2982929",
"issuer": "did:sharering-id:456",
"issuanceDate": "2020-04-22T10:37:22Z",
"identifier": "83627465",
"name": "Passport",
"description": "Sharing identity network",
"proof": {
"type": "SharingIdMerkleTree",
"created": "2020-04-22T10:37:22Z",
"proofPurpose": "assertionMethod",
"verificationMethod": "did:SharingIdMerkleTree",
“merkleRoot": “6b86b273ff34fce19d6b804eff5a3f5747ada4eaa22f1d49c01e52ddb7875b4b”