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Resources for Developers


In blockchain development, a faucet is a tool or service that allows users to receive a small amount of cryptocurrency or tokens for free. The purpose of a faucet is to provide users with a way to obtain a small amount of cryptocurrency for testing or development purposes without having to purchase it on an exchange. ShareLedger contains faucet services for users to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency.

Faucets typically require users to complete a simple task, such as solving a captcha, to prove that they are not a bot. Once the user has completed the task, they can receive a small amount of cryptocurrency, which they deposit into a designated wallet address.

Faucets can be useful for developers testing blockchain applications or smart contracts, allowing them to experiment with transactions and other features without spending real money. However, it's important to note that faucets typically only provide a very small amount of cryptocurrency, so they are unsuitable for long-term use or obtaining significant amounts of cryptocurrency.

Learning Resources

ShareRing is built on Tendermint and CosmosSDK. If you want to learn more about these two platforms See the relevant documentation:

We provide ShareRing specific resources to help you get started building on our network: